Friday, August 11, 2017

Specifically For: The Website Startup, Artist, Author, Small eCommerce, Online Company Profile, WordPress Beginner.

Let's make your Web Presence a Reality. I now have an Online LAB which you and your staff can "drive a WordPress" for real and before you launch your own website. Learn and feel the dashboard, drive a WordPress.

  • Let's Launch your WordPress Website.

  • Let's connect your website and link to Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

  • Let's make your website earn some passive income for you and/or your business by placing advertisements on your website from Google AdSense, Amazon Associates and Commission Junction.

  • I want to develop with you, at an affordable cost, the best performing, beautiful website possible and of course it will display on all devices perfectly.

    I specialize in template based, fully responsive (view-able and usable on all devices) and turn-key websites. Expert in WordPress.
    Shop my Shop .

    I am not a re seller, you own your domain name and self-hosted website.

    I design and develop websites using WordPress templates, your website, your web presence, your way!

    I am not a programmer, no coding involved and this is a plus for you in maintaining your website easily and cost effective.

    I have over 30 years of technology Experience in Server, Web, computer hardware and Office APPS (the language that talks to machines is APPS).

    I love to share my knowledge and know-how helping WordPress New Beginners the how-to's. I'll help you and your staff in navigating dashboards, uploading, website maintenance and more.

    I'll help you understand SEO with tips and tricks that will encourage search engines to come by and index your website.

    I've never stopped learning, technology changes "overnight" and often, or sharing what I have learned and know.

    Setting up a new website for an individual, self-publisher, small business is very exciting for me because I get to share and build something that is going to make "a business" or "sell a book" or whatever the product, company profile, is I am excited to promote it digitally.

    I want to develop with you, at an affordable cost, the best performing, beautiful website possible and of course it will display on all devices perfectly.

    A responsive WordPress Website view-able on all devices basic TURNKEY WordPress installation includes:

  • Install and Launch WordPress

  • 5 pages with blog platform

  • Build WordPress

  • Secure WordPress with Plugins

  • SEO WordPress with All In One SEO Plugin

  • FTP Backup WordPress to your host (cPanel)

  • I'll help you and your staff understand your website's inner workings like why WordPress, what is Dashboards, how does SEO work, social media Viral Loop, Security importance of add-ons and blogging for your online business. Plus, use my "lab" website to hone your web-skills.

    Pick a Service that is right for you and your business or company profile.

  • Turnkey Website (most popular product)

  • DIY Website

  • Social Media SEO

  • Website Maintenance and Social Media Administration

  • Website Build Bundle (All of the above)

  • . . . let's start building. . . get a free quote. . .

    Call or Text Me: 661-857-2244 (USA)
    Everything can be done virtually using Skype, JoinMe, Dropbox, Email, Text and Phone.

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